Oleg Yasenev Ph.D.
Principal Artist

Oleg Yasenev's art attracts like a tender breeze - it is bright and full of sunshine, eliciting feelings of contentment and happiness.

The Artist gives all of himself to his paintings. He surprises the viewers with the simple fact that he manages to maintain his ideas, which were planted in his youth, in a time of massive upheaval in art. Those are ideals of love, beauty, and inspired creativity. The Artist shuns the avant-garde for his vision without betrayal. His work presents us with a topicality in that it expresses a true understanding of total freedom. The virtuosity of his brush work dancing lightly on canvass provides elements of openness and a celebration of life which make him ever so different yet instantly recognizable.

Before Oleg started formal art training, he painted anything in any way he wanted to. Then came 16 years of non-stop study - Art college, Ari University, Post-graduate study. His inner culture has no restriction in space or time. It seems not only Mozart but Matisse, the Japanese and Zen-Buddists, the artists of their own lives became his most important teachers. And no doubt, the University professors that brought him up to be a skilled Master who is now a Professor of Art himself, inspiring with his passion and professionalism the future generations of creative talents.

Oleg is one of the highest achieving artist of his generation. Internationally acclaimed throughout the World, with successful exhibitions in many countries' National Galleries, the Lincoln Centre (USA), and paintings purchased by the world's most respected Art collectors, he was presented with some of the highest Honours any country could bestow. To name just a few, among those are the Gold Medal Award from the Vatican, personally presented by Pope John Paul II for the series of his landscape paintings; being listed in the book '200 Greatest Ukrainians that ever lived'; the Honourable Order of Slovakia; the title of the People's Artist of Ukraine; and numerous awards for winning juried shows throughout the world.

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