Museum quality pictures in the style of the Masters – but tailored to your brief

Whether you are involved in interior design for an individual or a corporation, there comes the time when you need the finishing touch: high quality paintings and sculpture, that still fit within your budget and can be completed to your timeframe.

Taylor Made Art can help you create the look you want. Our artists can paint in the styles of the old Masters, from any period you desire, to whatever depth of finish you need. They can copy an original, or follow a particular style that takes into account the colour palette you are using and subject matter of your choice. They can produce monumental art for whole walls and ceilings or smaller works.

Look in the project gallery to see a sample of the quality of the paintings and the range of styles.

Contact us to set up a conversation, where we can show you the quality of the paintings before we go any further.
The commissioning process keeps you in control right the way through, so there are no surprises.