Museum quality reproductions of your valuable paintings

If you already own valuable paintings, you may need to protect them from burglary, damage or natural deterioration, in the same way all leading museums do. If this is the case, Taylor Made Art can copy them for you, at a remarkably acceptable price. The copies are of very high quality and texture; they are original paintings, not prints. This allows you to store the original safely for posterity, but still enjoy seeing your artwork everyday.

Our internationally renowned artists have been chosen for their particular skills in their area of expertise. The team includes restorers who have worked for Central Museum of Western Art (Ukraine) and The Hermitage St Petersburg (Russia) to name just two, so you can be assured of the quality of the reproduction.

We use only traditional methods; no spraying, no painting over print images, just an artist, canvas, brush and paints.

Look in the project gallery to see some of the range of styles and genres.

Contact us to set up a conversation, where we can show you the quality of the paintings before we go any further.
The commissioning process keeps you in control the whole way through, so there are no surprises.