Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a copy and is it legal?
  2. A copy of a painting is an exact reproduction of details and brushwork to museum quality. At TMA we take this further by attempting to use similar primers, gessoes and pigments corresponding to the original artist. A copy or reproduction is legal so long as the artist gives permission for such a work to take place or if the original artist has been dead for seventy years. However in the second instance an international agreement declares that the museum quality copy will differ in size from the original painting by at least 2cm either way (bigger or smaller but never the exact size).

  3. Many companies offer reproductions why should we choose TMA?
  4. Many companies indeed offer reproductions at a very low price and you can buy them over the web without seeing them. At TMA we believe this puts the purchaser at a disadvantage as many reproductions do not faithfully copy the colours or the brushstrokes used in the original. We use established artists and copyists who have years of experience in restoration of original paintings and this bespoke work reassuringly, will not be cheap. A TMA reproduction will faithfully reproduce everything from the original except the size. The restorers will even age the painting for you so that, in the case of heirloom protection, nobody will notice that the original has been replaced. We are dedicated to offering only excellent quality products and as is true with many things in life you get what you pay for.

  5. What is bespoke art?
  6. At TMA each artwork is commissioned. We carry no stock and we do not second guess the market. Once a commission has been agreed we contract one of our team of professionals to complete the work. The work at all times is scrutinized by our principal artists Oleg Yasenev and Yevgeniya Buyanova and only when they are satisfied is the piece finished. It is bespoke because each piece is created by an individual artist working entirely for you. We use no mechanical or mass produced teamwork processes. The very nature of our business precludes this as most of our commissions go beyond reproductions. Many of our clients choose a painting ‘after’ a particular artist. This is a copy with minor adjustments. The entire picture becomes recomposed using existing elements from the artist’s works. You end up with an original painting. This is often done in still life, landscape and marine painting. Another popular choice is ‘in the style of’. This is where an original and newly created composition is painted using the original artist’s handwriting. This is popular when a client is very clear about the subject matter and the style he wishes it painted in. Sometimes however there might be a conflict between subject matter and style and this is why our initial meeting to discuss the commission is so important.

  7. What sizes can I order?
  8. You may order any size that you wish.
    Each piece is individually commissioned and thus will be produced to your custom size.

  9. Who paints these artworks?
  10. All our artists have been individually chosen by our principal artists because not only do they have a very high degree of skill in their chosen field but also because of their burgeoning reputations. A full biography of each artist will be provided to the client on each commission.
    At TMA we do not buy works from any other source.

  11. How long will it take and what about delivery?
  12. An individual piece usually takes between six to eight weeks once the contract has been signed. The piece will be wrapped and personally delivered within the UK. For orders outside the UK arrangements will be made at the time of commission.