Evgeniya Buyanova Ph.D.
Principal Artist

Critically acclaimed International Master Artist, through her expressive work in oil paintings and more rarely, drawings, Evgeniya has won a firm place among the World's finest artists of her generation.

With paintings proudly owned by countries' Presidents and religious leaders, National Galleries and major Museums on both sides of the Atlantic, and with solo exhibitions received exceptionally well by the media and general public alike in the capitals of most European countries as well as the USA, Canada and Japan, Evgeniya has become a living legend of the intricate world of Modern Fine Art.

Her stunning ability to capture the inner beauty of a person, be it a next door neighbour, a star of showbusiness or a country's political leader, never fails to deliver, leaving the art critics to praise unconditionally the Artist's accomplishments in portraiture, arguably the most difficult and unforgiving genre of the Fine Arts.

For more information on the Artist's credits, achievements and biography, as well as the process of commissioning Evgeniya Buyanova's art work, please contact her agents by following the links to the GB and US contact information.

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